Born in Córdoba, Spain .The first years of her life she spent in Belgium. Started studying law but soon saw that her future was in the creative world.


1982 – studied graphic arts in Málaga, Spain and went on to the School of communicative arts in London. Following this she started working  as  a creative director at various advertising agencies in Marbella,Spain and Gibraltar,GB. During those years she taught herself using watercolors and acrylics. Driven by her artistic nature Marifé later also studied photography at the Academy Aula 7 in Málaga, Spain.


She wrote and illustrated a story book called “El Bosque de Raúl”.


In July of 1993 she participated with her art in  the collective exhibition at the Salón Siglo XX in Marbella.


After acquiring her masters in business & marketing  in 1994 she opened her own advertising  agency “ARTEPUBLICA” and later on “MF DISEÑO Y PUBLICIDAD”. Both businesses were dedicated to marketing, advertising and graphic design, etc.


It was during that time that she started using computer support and design programs which then opened a whole new world of infinite possibilities.


2008-2010 she had a permanent exhibition in Marbella with her art which was based on contemporary portraits with image fusion collage on methacrylate.


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