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entrevista foto final marife
entrevista foto final marife

Noticia 3
Noticia 3

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Born in Córdoba, Spain .The first years of her life she spent in Belgium. Started studying law but soon saw that her future was in the creative world.

In 1982 studied graphic arts in Málaga, and went on to the School of communicative arts in London. Following this she started working as a creative director at various advertising agencies in Marbella and Gibraltar. During those years she taught herself using watercolors and acrylics. Driven by her artistic nature Marifé later also studied photography at the Academy Aula 7 in Málaga.

After acquiring her masters in business & marketing in 1994 she opened her own advertising agency “ARTEPUBLICA” and later on “MF DISEÑO Y PUBLICIDAD”. Both businesses were dedicated to marketing, advertising and graphic design.

It was during that time that she started using computer support and design programs which then opened a whole new world of infinite possibilities.


My artwork is based on collage, transparency, merging images, photography and painted backgrounds. It is through my experience painting, doing graphic design and photography which led me to work in a digital format. I project my work directly onto aluminum, wood, plexiglass or onto a painted acrylic finish. The past and present have fused achieving unique new effects in my work.

The concept of my work lies in breaking the current paradigms, offering spiritual alternatives breaking dogmas. It is a journey from the past outdating traditional values up to the present through manipulation, materialism and consumerism. It idealizes a future based on the awakening of a different reality: one filled with optimism and spirituality. With my work I try to switch the shift of consciousness so that the key lies in the essence of humanity, simplicity and love.


  • 2020  Art Madrid Fair, Madrid

  • 2019 Marbella Art Fair, Marbella

  • 2019 Just LX, Lisbon

  • 2019 Just Mad X, Madrid

  • 2018 Marbella Art Fair, Marbella

  • 2018 Es.Arte Gallery, Marbella

  • 2017 Es.Arte Gallery, Marbella

  • 2017 Málaga Art Fair, Málaga

  • 2017 Burn-In Gallery, Viena

  • 2017 Benezra Gallery, Marbella

  • 2016 Benezra Gallery, Marbella

  • 2016 Banús Gallery, Puerto Banús, Marbella

  • 2016 Abartium Collection, Barcelona

  • 2016 BURN-IN Galerie & Denkfabrik, Viena

  • 2015 Maimi Art Spectrum Fair, Miami

  • 2015 Abartium Collection, Barcelona

  • 2015 Individual exhibition, BURN-IN Galerie & Denkfabrik, Viena

  • 2015 Marbella Art Fair, Marbella

  • 2015 Individual exhibition, Red Penguin Gallery, Marbella

  • 2014 Maimi Art Spectrum Fair, Miami

  • 2014 Red Penguin Gallery, Marbella

  • 2014 Colorida Gallery, Lisboa

  • 2014 Freize Art Fair at Bulgari Hotel, London

  • 2014 New York

  • 2013 Sky Gallery, Barcelona

  • 2013 Javier Román Gallery, Málaga

  • 2013 Asian Hotel Art Fair, Seoul

  • 2013 Marbart Contemporary Art Fair, Marbella

  • 2013 Individual exhibition, Museu dels Angels, Barcelona

  • 2013 Arte Imagen Gallery, La Coruña

  • 2013 Circuit Artístic, Castillo de Montesquiu, Barcelona

  • 2013 Exhibition with Jaume Muxart, Gallery Taull, Barcelona

  • 2013 Houses of Art Gallery, Marbella

  • 2013 Abatrium Collection, Barcelona

  • 2012 Leo Gallery Monza, Milan

  • 2012 Individual exhibition, Amy-d Spazio Art Gallery, Milan

  • 2011 Individual exhibition, Kasser Rassu Gallery, Marbella

  • 2010 Individual exhibition, Catalejos Gallery, Marbella

  • 1993 Salón Siglo XX, Marbella


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