“Art is the state of the soul”, Chagall
My work is the reflection of a state of mind, a thought, an emotion…
It is a continuous search for sensations, techniques and concepts. 

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Lost Angels 

Marifé Núñez's Lost Angels“ cycle is artistically and meaningfully complex. Not only does it open up her authorial world to us, but it also helps us understand the extent to which inspiration for religious topics has received its new interpretive methods. The idea of ​​religiosity has been replaced by the idea of ​​spirituality, and the form“ of spirituality is more fluid than rigid religious concepts. 

Past and present

Taking the beauty of classical art works and projecting it with current messages in order to form a connection between the past and the present, not only through technique but also through pictorial investigation.

PRIOR WORKS: 2009 - 2014

Layers of life

A world of infinity faces and layer; what it seems to be and what it is, the obvious and the hidden, the conscious and the unconscious, the physical and the spiritual....Time and space links in a reality expressed from our limited perception.


The essence of a woman

The day a woman stops expressing her weakness but, instead, show her true strength, without escaping from her true nature, discovering herself, without being humble, without imitating the man….that would be the day…


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